Tendon Problems

Question: I’m new to this group, just wondering if anyone has any ideas on my case. I suffered severe pain after working a long week in Feb this year. Pain was linear and searing in the lower arms (not wrist or elbow).

Rest, physio and rest mean that I can do most activities for a short  time. Aggravating activities include mouse work, lifting my son, driving and keyboarding. Tendon problems seem to be the cause.

Has anyone had any experience of the long-term outlook in a similar case.  The main symptom which I had before the onset of pain (which was v. sudden, only 2 hours work after pain started to incapacity for 10 days) was excessive tiredness in the arms or hands. Overall, progress is frustratingly slow.Apologies for my early mispost.

Answer: My symptoms, top of arm and shoulder came on really quickly too. I don’t’ know how, there were no prior symptoms.

Long term outlook is good from what I’ve heard people say, but we are talking a few years and experimenting with different things to find the combination of stuff that is suitable.If you have access to the Internet query RSI and there will be many ideas available.

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