Mr David L Hodghead, Sales Manager of Sibyline Productions in the US, has sent a much civilised announcement of his company’s product, TENDONBAND. He has not only read but has carefully respected the AUP, which is much appreciated. The accompanying press release states that the Tendon Band “supplies modest pressure to the affected areas of the arm, causing the affected tendons to relax, thereby relieving the cause of the pain, usually in days.”

Answer 1: Pardon…but what do you mean that he has respected the “AUP“?

Answer 2: I mean that instead of signing on to the list and spamming it with ads, as some have done in the past, he read and complied with the Acceptable Use Policy which states that anyone wanting to tell the list about RSI-related products should write to me, rather than posting directly to the list. Doing it that way means that people can be informed about the availability of new products, and those who want to can find out more, while still keeping the list ad-free.

Answer 3: Here we go again. Another product that purports to solve all. Give me a break! There should be no advertisements to products that are untested and will most likely waste our time and money. Press Release? Are we to believe this? As if “modest pressure to the affected areas of the arm, causing the affected tendons to relax, thereby relieving the cause of the pain, usually in days” is really going to relieve the cause of the pain. Pain is not only coming from the tendons but also from the neck, shoulder, chest muscles, and other areas. Who is going to buy the product and find out? I am sick and tired of “quick fixes” that go for our emotional response of wanting pain to end. Of course we want pain to end, but there is no quick solution. Let us face that fact. It reminds me of those quick dieting fixes or exercise machines that offer to cure all in days. Never happens. We spend our money and nothing happens. No more preying on our hopes for “magic bullets.” I object to the advertisement for this product.

Answer 4: I’d far rather know about products that might help (although without spam to the list) than remain ignorant of them. Quite a few products such as books and massage tools helped me almost completely recover from RSI, along with treatments.

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