Tendonitis and MSM

Question: My boyfriend has tendonitis, hence my reason for joining the list. He swears by copper bracelets which help ‘mask’ the pain. Not a solution or cure I know. I’ve also heard that magnetic bracelets are meant to help, does anyone have any experiences of them.

Answer 1: I myself have had 6 fingers that were triggering; one would start about every 2 years over the last 12 to 15 years. Orthopedic surgeons have said it is from my work which is repetitive assembly work. The surgery was called tendon release which I found worked very well. The first fingers were done 12 years ago and have not bothered me since with any change in my working environment. I have also been taking a product called MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) which I found to work very well. I had tendonitis in my elbow (tennis elbow)for at least 10 years. I began using this product about a year ago and within a week to week and a half the pain was gone and has never come back. I hope this might help.TK

Answer 2: I am very interested in how you got to know of and how you obtained the methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). Since someone mentioned MSM a while ago on this list, I went to my pharmacy. They told me they knew the molecule but it was only used for people with too much gas in the stomach, and not for tendonitis or bursitis. On the internet I found some American MSM suppliers, but I do not fully trust their comments. They made it sound as if it works for everything, too good to be true.

Answer 3: I found MSM in my local health food shop under the brand name SupaSulf. It’s marketed by NutriLabs, Penrhos, Raglan, Monmouthshire. They have a free phone no. 0800 389387 for information about the product and a list of stockists. All the information I have found does make it sound too good to be true, but I can’t find any contra-indications to taking it so I’m giving it a try. Too soon yet to say if it’s having any effect, but I’ll let you know. Here’s hoping!

Answer 4: The product MSM is available here in Canada at almost any drug store. All places have said it does help protect the cell membranes from damages. I first read about it in the Toronto Star newspaper. The article had a brief history on it. Apparently it was researched by a doctor in the late fifties. He actually used sulphur which he found to have a broad range of benefits for joints, tendons and ligaments much the way aspirin is for heart, fever, aches and pains etc. The problem he encountered was the sulphur smelled so strong he could not convince people to take it and his research was ended. About fifteen years ago it was looked at again and found that MSM is the actual component of sulphur that is of benefit and has no odor. That is all I know. Good luck, it worked for me.TK


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  1. Not sure why everyone is writing about MSM or how the post got the title of “Tendonitis and MSM” when the original poster specifically asked about magnetic bracelets…

    While I have experience with Tendonitis, MSM, and Magnetic Therapy, the question was specifically about Magnetic Bracelets and so lets see if I can provide some useful information regarding what was actually asked about.

    I myself have had good experience with magnetic products to treat tendonitis. Placing magnets directly over the inflamed tendon and sleeping with the magnets overnight, I woke up the next morning completely pain free for the first time in months. Whenever I felt the pain return from overexertion I just put the magnets back in place and slept with them in place. They always worked and I always woke up pain free.

    The thing is, the magnets have to be placed directly over the area that is injured and inflamed.

    Magnets can also speed healing to bruises, and if one has a large bruise and places a smaller magnet on top of it, the area under the magnet will heal and become a healthy flesh color very quickly within a day or two, while the area around it will remain discolored.

    One theory of why magnets work so well to promote healing is because they cause blood vessels to dilate, while allows greater amounts of nutrients to be supplied to the damaged area which in turn speeds up the healing process. Another theory is that the magnets cause the body’s own magnetic fields to become aligned, and it is this alignment of the body’s magnetic and electrical system which is responsible for the healing. -In any case, it works, but only for the area directly beneath the magnet(s).

    As far as magnetic strength goes, I’ve found that you can get good results even with very weak magnets. At one point in my 50’s I wanted to get back into running after having stopped for a couple of years, but I kept getting tendinitis of my instep and both shins. I went on eBay and bought some sheet magnets. I wrote and asked if they made a more powerful sheet magnet (which I later found out are made and available elsewhere). They wrote back and asked why I wanted a more powerful sheet magnet and when I explained I was using it for healing, they wrote back and told me these were very weak, and not “theraputic quality”. Well, of course, these people sell sheet magnets and have no background in magnetic healing or any particular background in that area, they just didn’t want any liability should their magnets not perform as expected, so I ordered up 2 12″ x 18″ flexible sheet magnets with white vinyl on one side and set out to experiment. When the magnetic sheets arrived I cut two strips initially about 4″ x 12″ and attached them to my shins and over my instep with thick rubber bands and went to sleep. The next day I woke up with the pain in both legs barely even noticeable. An additional night of doing the same thing and I woke up pain free the following morning and went out an went for a run. That particular season, as I kept pushing myself, the tendinitis would recur from the over exertion (I never can seem to go more than one rest day at a time), but simply using the magnets over my shins would alleviate the pain and reduce the inflamation reliably every time. Not wearing the magnets the night after a long run (anywhere from 4 -- 18 miles, depending on my training schedule) I would have pain the following day and barely be able to walk. But as long as I used my magnets over my shinds and instep, I would be pain free. towards the end of the season, when my muscles were finally in condition, I no longer needed to use the magnets, but I know I can use them whenever I’m training should the pain recur.

    So, yes, magnets do work to speed healing, but the idea that you can wear a bracelet and somehow this will spread healing to other parts of the body is not true. The magnetic field only extends out from the magnet a very short distance, depending on the strength of the magnet, and the area which needs healing needs to be withing this magnetic field to receive any benefit.

    Most magnets are pretty small. There are actually companies that sell magnetic healing pads in various sized, but I’ve found them to be exorbitantly priced, and most actually have a number of very small magnets sewn into pockets within the products. I’ve found that magnetic business cards work just fine, held in place with a wide rubber band to avoid any pinching or cutting off of circulation which a thinner rubber band might cause. The business card magnet provides a large area to cover a bruise on ones forearm, back of the hand, or wrist, for example, and since they’re generally given out for free by businesses to stick on your refrigerator to keep them in sight and in mind, you can’t bet the price.

    So, that’s some information on magnetic therapy. I hope it’s provided the information the original poster was looking for, as well as for anyone who happens to come across this post who’s interested in healing with magnets in the future.

    One more thing, if you’re looking for a source of more powerful magnets. I you have an old hard drive laying around that is either dead or that you’ll never use again because it’s capacity is just too small by todays standards, there is a very powerful magnet inside of these, which is flat, slightly curved, and about a 1/2″ side and 1 1/2″ long. These are very strong magnets, and all you need to do is remove the cover of the hard drive and pry the magnet loose with a screwdriver and you’ve got yourself perhaps one of the strongest magnets you will ever come across, again for free.

    I hope you have as much success with healing with magnets as I’ve had…


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