Tendonitis developed into Carpal Tunnel?

Question: Has anybody ever had a diagnosis of tendonitis (the top-hairy side} of the wrist which changed or developed into Carpal tunnel( the palm side).? Having the wrists problem sure is a pain.

Answer 1: This might not help you too much but I was diagnosed (by my physio) with tendonitis. In the last few weeks this has developed into Carpal tunnel due to extra swelling (I’m eight months pregnant), I still however, get the pain up my arm, so I suppose I have a bit of both, oh whoopee! It does seem as if one can develop into the other though.

Answer 2: Are you sure that it has changed and wasn’t misdiagnosed in the first place?  I was told I had tendonitis, then they changed their mind to CTS, now I just have diffuse RSI. It seems that they try and pinpoint the easiest first and work through eliminating anything else. If they can’t come up with a specific, it’s diffuse RSI. IMHO.

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