Tendonitis & wrist splints

Question: Finally, I’d like to hear of any recommendations regarding wrist splints (do, don’t, and if so where in the UK supplies them). My thinking is that if I can keep my wrists straight without any pressure being placed on the inside of the wrist, then I’d be better off with them, at least initially.

Comment : After a round-about route through various physios I finally got myself an occupational therapist (NHS) who came to my house at a time to suit me, andĀ molded ‘working’ and ‘resting’ splints to me – with some plastic-y stuff that goes soggy when hot but hardens when cools. Before these I’d used brown elastic splints from the local chemist with internal metal strut… The OT‘s splints are wonderful, and are literally designed around me. I recommend that you try to get yourself an OT and see how you get on? I find I don’t actually like the ‘resting’ splints but the ‘working’ ones are wonderful – they stop me from tweaking the wrists while I do stuff.

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