My doctor said to be sure to wear the wrist brace all night. He said people move their wrists a lot during sleep.

Comment: I agree with you. I found that I would end up sleeping with my hands bent back on them and my wrists would be in agony by the morning. The braces really did help with this but I found my hands would sweat like anything in them. To alleviate this I wore a single thickness tubular (yeah, I know, I can’t spell either) bandage with a hole cut for the thumb and the end folded back over the brace. As for cortizone injections – aarghhh! The thought of having a dirty great needle shoved into my shoulder did not impress me at all and actually my physio recommended that I should not have these injections unless I was absolutely desperate – yes they can help greatly BUT a lot of the time they do more damage than good.

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