Tendonitis/Tenosynovitis need not be keyboard/mouse related.

Question: I had pretty acute tennis elbow a couple of months ago – or at least that’s what the orthopaedic consultant diagnosed. My physio disagrees, however; she reckons it’s a ligament problem. Either way, I’ve got problems in my right elbow/forearm – probably a combination of tendon & ligaments.  My problem was induced primarily from windsurfing & badminton, although I do a fair amount of keyboard/mouse work as well which probably doesn’t help.  I went private (BUPA):

Although the particular consultant was a jerk, he gave me steroid shots into my elbows & after the initial pain for a couple of days, all was much better, followed by a course of Naprosyn (generically Naproxen) – a type of NSAID.  Last week I suffered a relapse – again after windsurfing – albeit in a slightly different place than previously. Oddly enough, windsurfing since then has improved it slightly – funny old world.

Key point is: Tendonitis/Tenosynovitis need not be keyboard/mouse related.

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