Tendonitus sufferer

I first went sick with what is now diagnosed as tendonitus, I was told by a GP that there is no such thing as RSI! I was prescribed the usual anti-inflammatory drugs, Cataflan and Aulin. Bothwere effective but I was loath to taking them indefinitely. I had steroid injections which did not work and then embarked on a course of acupuncture. The practitioner, who is also a GP (not the same one referred to earlier!) told me I would need 5 sessions and if that didn’t work there was no point in continuing. At this stage I would have done anything to alleviate the pain. I noticed a strange sensation after the 3rd session, my head and neck seemed fused i.e. I could not turn my head in any direction.

After talking to the GP on the ‘phone I was re-assured this was a positive sign and the next morning I was “perfect” free from pain for the first time in months! I had another 2 sessions and now only need a top up as I feel the need. Here in Cork it is very damp so I have had a session about every 4 weeks since. My company is paying for these sessions. I also spent a fortune on deep muscle massage which lifted my spirits and helped unknot those anguished muscles. When the pain gets very bad I use a TENS machine. Boots do one for around 60.00. I have also been taking herbal remedies, devils claw, and magnesium supplements. I avoid tea and coffee, I drink a lot of herbal tea. You will find you have good and not so good days. Look forward to the spring and warmer days.

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