Tennis elbow stretch

Question: Thanks for the clarification – especially about band size. My postie often leaves the odd one! Re. the 3 middle fingers, do you have the band over the top of them, or underneath? I’ve guessed underneath and have been doing about 30 or 40 stretches added to my usual routine. When you first started doing the stretch, did you notice a slight increase in the ache before it got better? Sorry to ask so many questions, but the TE is bugging me at the moment, and if you’ve had such good success with this stretch, I’d like to make sure I’m doing it right. Thanks again, and I’m so glad that your TE has improved so much.

Answer : Leave your three middle fingers sticking up in the air (like all good tea drinkers). Not inside the band. I think there possibly was a little extra ache but it was a long time ago now. The brain needs some stretching too!

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