Tennis Elbow Treatment

Question: Has anybody got over a case of tennis elbow? If so, what course of treatment did you try, did anything in particular work better for you? I now have it in both elbows. My uncle had a case diagnosed as “Chronic”, having suffered for 10 years. He tried everything from TENS, creams, anti-inflammatory etc.but the one thing which was the very best for him was a course of acupuncture. Has anybody tried this, has it worked for you? He says he no longer has any pain and only has to have 6×30 minutes sessions about every 6 months to take all of the pain away?

Answer 1: Mine responds to ultrasound, administered by the physio attached to my local GP. Wearing a wrist splint at night also helps me.

Answer 2: My physio did lots of stretches and ultrasound. And she gave me exercises to do every 20 min through the day. But one thing that really helped was an “interferential machine”. I have no idea what it means but it involved wet sponges and electric currents. And the treatment went on for about 10-20 min. It felt a little like a Tens machine (only more intense) but she said they work in totally different ways. And the interferential machine went “deeper”. It worked. Three sessions with it seemed to ameliorate my elbow pain at a quicker rate than any of the earlier treatments. (Although, I guess the groundwork had already been done…) I’m pain-free (in the elbow) 90% of the time now.

Answer 3: Well I’ve been suffering from tennis elbow since early spring when I weeded one of our high beds in the garden with a hand-fork (to get all the couch grass rhizomes out). After several months with absolutely no help from my otherwise very good doctors, I eventually succumbed and went to our excellent chiropractor group locally. They gave similar treatment to that Hilary reports. I then, on their advice, bought an arm brace which has proved very successful. I am advised to wear this whenever I am doing any form of work which may aggravate the elbow (which means all day, as I’m SO right-handed that there are very few delicate or precise activities I can do with my left hand).

I do still have a very little tenderness in the elbow, although I don’t feel it except when I deliberately prod it to see if it has gone yet. The arm brace (which is worn just below the elbow) protects very efficiently, while occasional massage of the forearm muscles when they go into spasm (which happens less and less frequently now) keeps the load off the elbow proper. To give you an idea how much better I now am, I recently scrubbed the floor in our living room (twice) filled the gaps in the boards, cleaned any outstanding dirt off with an orbital sander, then treated the whole floor with “Danish Oil” without any noticeable effect on my elbow. The brace is produced by a company called Remploy.

Answer 4: I had laser treatment and ultrasound on my wrists, I found the same thing… it was the laser treatment that actually started the healing, the ultrasound just gave comfort.

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