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When I was in Boots the other day my eye was caught by a leaflet about “BabiTENS: Drug free pain relief for labour”. Apparently any prospective parent can now hire a special TENS unit and with luck not have to have an epidural or rely on that useless gas and air. Oh, why didn’t they have these when I was having babies! So I picked up one of the leaflets, and got in touch with the company, to ask them if they also hire out ordinary TENS units. Very often, if you’re having physiotherapy, you can try one of these out for free, but I thought that if someone’s waiting for physio treatment or is going privately, it might be useful to be able to hire a unit for a month to see whether it helps.

The company is RAYMAR, who have just been bought by Rehabilicare Inc. They do hire out TENS units, for 19.15 ukp per month. Telephone number is 01491-578446, email rehabilicare@easynet.co.uk. The parent company’s web site is at  http://www.rehabilicare.com/. The RAYMAR chap told me that Rehabilicare have brought out a special electro unit for treating RSI problems, so I had a look at the website. The unit is called the CDTX. It seems that this is a gadget that you wear while you’re actually using a keyboard, and one of its features is that it “contains a compliance meter for gathering patient usage data in documenting outcomes.” I have never been terribly fond of the word “compliance.” I do hope this unit won’t be misused to try to keep people working in spite of injury. But I’m probably being overly cynical. The UK Company is sending me some more information about it.

Comment : There is also a company called SKF Services Ltd where you can buy a tens machine outright – if you are going to need it for a few months it may work out cheaper to buy it. The complete unit is 339.00 + VAT and comes with the machine, either self adhesive electodes or ones that you tape on and use with a gel. Also a battery and of course the carry case. Once you have ordered they send it out same day via registered post. I have found the tens machine absolutely brilliant for controlling my worst pain without drugs. After I got used to having it on my arm it enabled me to sleep through the night without waking up in pain. You can wear them all day if you like.

You can contact SKF Services:
Unit 18 Huffwood Trading Estate,
Billinghurst, West Sussex
RH14 9UR
Tel: 01403 785 111 Fax: 01403 786 133


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