TENS machine

I have just been loaned a TENS machine for two weeks by my physio, and I wondered if other people have found them to be useful and if they can stop the pain. My physio seems quite confident this will sort everything, but I am far more skeptical as not only has this been going on for 4 or 5 months but I have also started to get problems with my left hand as well, so it is difficult to be optimistic! Any advice from other TENS users would be greatly appreciated!

Comment 1: I’ve used one at times when the diffuse RSI pain in my arms has been bad enough to stop me sleeping. I’ve used it for about 30 minutes at bed time – it’s enabled me to get to sleep. Doesn’t stop the pain coming back another time!

Comment 2: I don’t think it will sort out your problems, but I’m sure it will help you manage the pain. I have only been using a TENS machine since April, although I have had a RSI for nearing 12 years. I just wish I had used one sooner. Don’t be frightened to use it, but don’t let it lul you into a false sense of security – even if there is no pain, don’t push it … you still have an injury that needs tender care and attention.

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