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Question: In the latest newsletter from the RSIA (arrived last week) there is an article on the research into nerve damage in Diffuse RSI that has been done by Jane Greening. Using very low amplitude vibration she has found there is damage to some of the nerves in the arms in RSI sufferers, which is not found in non-sufferers. There is the possibility of turning the method she used into a test for Diffuse RSI thus proving that it is not ‘all in the mind’ and overturning the precedent set by the infamous Judge Prosser ruling. For more information look at your latest RSIA newsletter, if you are not a member JOIN NOW!

Answer 1: How does one join??

Answer 2: See the RSIA write up kindly provided by Doug, and belatedly uploaded by me to the RSI-UK web pages. The Association’s address is:

RSI Association
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Tel/Fax 01895 – 431134 (phone line open 11:30am – 4pm Mon – Fri)

Answer 3: Several people have emailed me asking for more information on the tests for RSI.

1). Contact the RSIA – see the RSI-UK web pages. Ask for a copy of the December 1997 newsletter when you join up. The original article by Sean Feeney (that is reprinted in the RSIA newsletter) appeared in ‘Journalist’ October/November 1997.

2). Hold your breath – I’m trying to get hold of the original paper (on Jane Greening’s and Dr Bruce Lynn’s research) to post to RSI-UK (may take a few weeks), if not I will post the details of the abstract and which journal it appeared in.

Basically the vibration test, measures the perception of vibration in the hand in the ulnar, median and radial nerves. They found that RSI sufferers had reduced perception in median and ulnar nerves, and after keyboard use the RSI sufferers had further reduction in the perception in the median nerve. Also RSI sufferers found the more intense vibration painful. The test is not itself painful (I took part in the trial last year) the vibrations are so small that if there was a loud noise outside the room you had to start the test again.

Further research is being funded by the Health and Safety Executive. They intend to follow people, for two years, who are just starting to use computers. They will also be using MRI to look for swollen nerves and test ANT therapy. Research published in the British medical Journal in 1997 showed that RSI sufferers showed a reduction in the arm temperature when they typed for 5 minutes.

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