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Question: I am taking 1000 mg of PARACETAMOL up to 6 times a day for pain relief as I have not been able to find an inexpensive alternative. I’m not a doctor, but from some half-remembered reading I believe that large doses of Paracetomol eventually cause liver damage – is there anyone more medically-qualified out there who can provide details? And perhaps an alternative pain-relief system?

Answer 1: I’m no doctor either, but I believe it to be correct. People have reported good success using tricyclic antidepressants (not Prozac) for pain, when taken in low doses. Typical dose is about 75-100mg per day for anti-depression, however low doses in the range 5-25mg/day appear to work well for chronic pain sufferers. I’d suggest you ask your GP for advice on this.

Answer 2: My drug of choice for ‘bathroom cabinet’ pain relief is Ibuprofen (Neurofen) these days, it does far more for me than paracetamol ever did and seems to have more of the characteristics of aspirin than of paracetamol.

Answer 3: Of course, Ibuprofen will give you stomach ulcers if you aren’t careful.┬áThe problem with codeine based drugs is that they make you drowsy, which doesn’t help much if you’re trying to stay at work.

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