Test & Treatments for RSI

Question: I first developed RSI in 1985. Treatment consisted of 6 Months off work and 18 months of part time work and Physio. If returned to full time employment in 1987. My compensation provider would not answer any correspondence after my return to work even though I was not free of pain.I was able to contain the pain through the use of my TENS device and exercises. The diagnosis was made by my Doctor without any tests at this stage.

In 1993, the RSI was aggravated and since then the following


X-rays – showed nothing
MRI – ditto
Thermography – experimental
Nerve Conduction test for Carpal Tunnel & Thoracic Outlet Syndrome –
did not test for RSI

Treatment has consisted of:

Ultra Sound
Laser Therapy

These treatments have provided relief in the short term but not for any
significant period.

Does anyone out there know of any test and / or treatments that I have not
had that might produce some relief.

Answer 1: Can you give a few more details of your problem, and the treatments you have had. As you know there are many types of RSI, tendonitis, tenosynovitis, ANT etc.. Also the application of the particular treatment is important. I have just realized this as I have changed physiotherapists recently and am very impressed with my new treatment. For example, what sort of physio are you trying, what part of the body did you have ultrasound on?

Answer 2: In my experience the best relief is to leave keyboards and mice alone! Other than that, the best cure seems to be to go swimming regularly. This helps to reduce the tension. I’ve also had some relief through using Sage aromatherapy oil on my wrists and arms as that is supposed to be good for muscles.

We have practitioners in UK who provide Remedial Massage that professes to relieve, and eventually cure, RSI pains. I have received some relief from this. Otherwise, at least 600 RSI sufferers have been reported to have recovered from RSI pains after using a Maltron ergonomic keyboard.

I have been using one of these for the past 8 years (in conjunction with break-reminding software), and the pains I first suffered were sharp, and in the wrists, but with continued usage of a Maltron keyboard, these pains became aches and eventually faded to a manageable level. I have close contact with the company who produces these and can advise you further if you are interested. The keyboards are available for hire @ =A310 per week.

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