The body’s cries for water

I recently read a book by this Iranian doctor called ‘The body’s cries for water’. He was put into prison for political reasons and found himself treating people with few resources. One day a man had ulcer pain and he gave him two glasses of water. To his surprise, the pain receded. Thus began his research into the effects of water and long term ‘mild’ dehydration. Apparently, dry mouth is the last and most severe symptom of dehydration. That implies your body has been dry a long time. He contends that a lot of ‘degenerative’ diseases are to do with dehydration and that the water in the body is not just a solvent. It also affects the pain cycle in some ways. Any way he recommends at least 2.5 litres of water, 1/2 hour before a meal, 2.5 hours after meals, and the rest around main meals.

Comment 1: I take it that’s 2.5 litres per day! I must admit I was fascinated to read this. Most of my life I’ve suffered from really bad headaches. A short while ago someone suggested that mild dehydration could be one of the causative factors. Since then I have upped my intake of water considerably. The jury is still out on whether it has worked or not – but maybe my friend was right!

Comment 2: Mind you, the loo breaks now suffice as RSI screen breaks! So be warned!

Comment 3: Can we substitute water for beer? After all, it’s a muscle relaxant! Seriously though, I’ve now got a mug of water by my desk and will see how it goes.

Comment 4: Personally I found beer to be as good a pain killer for the nerve pain from my ANT as any of the over-the-counter analgesics. A rather expensive pain killer though!

Comment 5: Yes, alcohol works pretty well as pain reducer but oh so deadly. On another note, I’m trying Flaxseed pills for now to reduce inflammation. I will post findings after one month’s use.

Comment 6: I’ve read a book about stomach problems by an American doctor who claims that the best cure for many digestive problems is lots of water and a healthy diet. I think he had a similar story about ulcers. His positions are not accepted by the professional mainstream, though.

Comment 7: Sounds logical to a layman like myself. Makes you wonder what if these doctors really deserve their huge salaries. Although, they’re good for banging your head against.

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