The Bookchair

The Bookchair – a book holder that really works, even for thick heavy books. Well, I noticed last week that the Bookchair is now being sold in Water stones — price £8.50. And the accompanying leaflet features quotes about the Bookchair from people in various fields who have found it useful. So anyone who has problems with books, which probably includes most of us, might be able to have a look at this gadget in the local W’stones branch. (I’m not sure whether all branches are selling it, but I suppose they could get hold of it if asked.) Thanks for letting us know about it. I never found a book holder that was any use at all before, but this one really does work. Amazing, really. All credit to the inventor/designer.

Comment 1: Has anyone else received a leaflet from the Bookchair company recently, detailing a special offer – 12.50 plus p&p? It surprised me to hear about the Waterstone’s one – much cheaper than their ‘special offer’.

Comment 2:  I shall drop in on my local Waterstone’s and demand one! I know my Waterstone’s people well, I’ll have a word. If other people have problems let me know. (I am useless at dealing with employers but not at all bad at dealing with consumer stuff!!) I didn’t believe it either until I saw the photo, and even then I had to work it out  s l o w l y….! I bet a lot of people here need a holiday, so it’s only the weekend, let’s pretend:

Comment 3: There seems to be total confusion over the price. After I read your message I rang three different Waterstones branches and was told three different prices: £8.50, £14.50, and £16.95. Somebody has made a mistake or three, but whether it’s Waterstones  or the Bookchair company? I’ve no idea.

Comment 4: Enquire carefully about the price.

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