The brick wall. Again !

I just saw a Rheumatologist again today (not the guy I saw first, he was on holiday), the Doctor read the clinical notes and said, “Did you take the long holiday Dr B. recommended?”. “No”, I replied it was not convenient at the time. He then said, “I see that DR B. says you have been very depressed due to losing your job, (not true, I became depressed due to being ill, I took voluntary redundancy because of the money on offer, don’t these people listen to a word you say) Did you go for councelling as recommended?”, he said. “No”, I replied, “I don’t need counselling I need a diagnosis, a cure and a job”. “Why aren’t you working?”, he said. “Because I am a computer programmer and I can’t use a computer anymore.” I replied (isn’t any of this in my medical notes, 16 years obsessive computer use at work and at home could be relevant to my condition!). “Oh dear I really can’t help you with that, have you thought about a new career”. “I will when I get a diagnosis of what’s wrong with me”, I replied. “We better wait till DR B. gets back and your MRI results come back”, he said.

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