The data hand keyboard

Question: Has anyone had experience of using the data hand keyboard? If so, would be grateful to hear about it.

Answer: I have a friend in America who uses it. My boyfriend tried them out while we were visiting but I didn’t bother because I can’t touch type and that’s what it relies on. I was impressed by it, though according to my boyfriend it’s ‘brilliant’ but probably takes 2 weeks to a month to get used to (but he can’t touch type either). All keyboard controls are available, number pad, mouse control, although inputting large amounts of numbers can become ‘a pain in the butt’ because there’s no number pad as such. It’s comfortable as well, your palm rests on a gel pad, and you’re basically just moving your fingertips. There are a lot of functions on the thumbs. and finally, and most important of all, it cleared our friend’s RSI completely.

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