The Disability and Discrimination Act

Question: The Disability and Discrimination Act. I have spoken to the Disability Law Service and have been told that I have to be “disabled” to come under the Act, and that means not being able to do a variety of domestic chores – such as buttons on shirts etc. When questioned about the situation of RSI sufferers who are not totally disabled by the symptoms I was told that they are not covered. You have to be virtually registered disabled to qualify and bear in mind that the Government is tightening up on the disabled claimants.

¬†Answer: Is that the Service mentioned in Saturday’s Guardian? — If so, I am surprised by their advice. (I am not a lawyer, and I have not asked one about the DDA and RSI — I must say that as a “disclaimer” — but I am still surprised.) I suggest you get in touch with PACT — the Dept of Employment Access to Work people (ask your nearest JobCentre where you can contact a Disability Employment Adviser). You do _not_ have to be registered as disabled to qualify for the Access to Work Scheme, and so, help from PACT.

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