The elastic band

Question: Is anyone else on the list doing the elastic band stretch for tennis elbow? I’ve been doing it for a couple of days, and to my dismay I find another achy area developing. Around the hand knuckle joint area of my little finger, on the left hand. I’m wondering whether this is just an exercise type ache from an unaccustomed movement, or a new area of horrid RSI manifesting itself. I think I’m going to discontinue the stretch and ask the physio I’m seeing tomorrow about it. I’ve decided to see a private physio, as I figure that I’m more likely to get a proper effort at treating me from someone I’m paying, rather than from someone who has a huge NHS workload and who’s eager to sign off someone with something ‘airy-fairy’ like RSI in favour of treating more tangible injuries like torn achilles tendons from playing football or squash or something.

Answer: If anyone have some more information as for the elastic band stretch, please propagate it to the list (please). It really seems as something that might help, but I wonder if there is any adverse effect.

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