The Pocket Ergonomist

Question: The Pocket Ergonomist is the official New Zealand Government ergonomics guide. It is in the format of a Windows help file. To run it, click on the filename in File Manager. (I believe it will also run under Windows 95, but can’t confirm this as I don’t use W95.) There is no time limit or payment required for home use of this version; there is a larger, commercial version available. Thanks to David Brown ( for allowing the file to be included in the RSI-UK ftp archive.

Comment 1: You can’t read it — it’s in Windows help file format. You need to download it and save it to your disc, then execute it. Some browsers will let you do it, some will only let you do it if you hold down the control key while you’re clicking on the file name, and some won’t let you do it at all – or so I understand. If you have trouble you could try using an ftp program if you have one. I’ve tried downloading it with Netscape, with Lynx and with ncftp, without running into any problems.

Comment 2: You’ve got the right place. However, you can’t read it probably because there are too many users log in the ftp site. I’d like to suggest you to try again in off-peak hour.

Comment 3: Maybe the problem is trying to read it under Windows 95 or NT 4 if it is in Windows 3.1 format?  I also found that an intervening ftp proxy server sent its error message about not being able to get onto the Demon site – this message ended up in the .hlp file! So it’s worth opening the file with a text editor to check for this HTML-formatted error message if this setup applies to you.

Comment 4: Sounds bizarre! Did you report it to the proxy server site? Doesn’t seem altogether desirable to have downloads being corrupted by server error messages. I’m sorry I can’t say for sure whether the help file can be read with Windows 95 or NT. Perhaps someone who uses either of those could try downloading it and let us know? David Brown told me it was compatible with “Windows 3.1 and upward”, but I’m not sure whether he meant thatto include W95 or NT.

Comment 5: Both 95 and NT can read previous windows formats, I’ve just checked and this file is fine – (and good info, well expressed). I was looking at doing a text conversion, but the content really doesn’t lend itself to this, though it’d work well as a web site.

Comment 6: I’m pleased to announce that Grahame Budd has written an excellent review of “The Pocket Ergonomist” for RSI-UK. The text version follows in a separate post; a web version will shortly be uploaded to the RSI-UK web site, and the URL will then be posted to the mailing list. Thanks to Grahame for writing this review, which I reckon will be very useful in drawing attention to the P.E., so that people will download it and give it a try. And thanks also for clarifying that it does work under Windows 95 and Windows NT as well as Windows 3.1.

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