This mail typed with pain

Question: This is my first time . What I would like to know is if anyone has experienced my problem. Up until last year I worked for a quadriplegic who has no movement below his neck. After working for 2.5 years for this gentleman I now have been diagnosed with RSI in my right shoulder. My shoulder aches all the time and it can affect my neck. I find that professional people have little understanding of what has happened to me and how to treat it. The problem affects my life daily in all aspects of my life, things such as vacuuming, cooking etc. Has anyone any knowledge of what has happened to me.

Answer 1: I like you, have (R)epeatidly (S)trained myself, my fingers.
I’ve typed for 14 years at speeds full bore, though cold winter air for example – numbing my whole hands, but NO I’D STILL TRY to type – fast. fourteen years. Fool. i’ve (R)epeatidly (S)trained my fingers. and I blame none but one, myself and I’m only 21 ! (Typing since age 7)
2. MAY I TELL YOU WHAT HAS HELPED ME? order is in most helped to least helped.
marked with * they’re free or cheap forms of help.
* stopping, relaxing
* doing OTHER THINGS, laughing
* hot/cold contrast baths
* workload cut
* ergonomics adjustment
vitamin e, magnesium, vitamin b, orange juice (vitamin c)
* RSI mailing list people support
* positive thinking
gloves (lyrca)
* self massage
anti-inflammatory gel
* prayer
* ball squeezing exercises
* notices in house “my hands feel very good !!”
* computer speaking “myy haands feeel veery goood …”
* water sipper with me where I go (muscles function more efficiently
hydrated ?)
* negative thinking (this is normal, expected and accepted)
NOTE: The first 5 things are free !!! And they’re the best. Oh man the hot/cold contrast baths really do it for me. Of the costly things, anti-inflammatory gel only seems to act as a quick drying oily texture for massage! So it seems no better than say cooking oil, and so much more expensive. I’m not getting anti-inflammatory gel again. Gloves are nice and tight, and stiff, vitamins I enjoy taking them, because I know they’re working very well for me. Today my fingers worked well and quite painless because of the intake of the vitamins.
I happen to also have neck and shoulder pain, and it’s only pain. I often endure it, but lately I lay on my back and put my legs in the air. Here only my shoulders and head touch the ground, and elbows, with hands supporting my backside, improves circulation and man does it take away the pain in my shoulders and neck !¬†(Funny that, I’m vertical with my head and shoulders and elbows taking all the load, and my shoulders and neck feel this utter relief !)
Have you heard the saying: “ignore it and it will go away” ? I may have used to believe this.

Answer 2: Hot/cold contrast baths help circulation. They used to be used after steam baths.¬†Very cold water helps me more but then I use it simply as a pain-killer. The gel only works if you plaster it on heavily and put bandages on top! I did that at night when I was in so much pain I couldn’t sleep. The problem with using it like that is, you have to be careful not to “overdose” — especially if anti-inflammatory make you ill. They make me ill. I agree, laughing helps a lot.

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