This Week’s Download Dispatch (PC Edition)

Question: Are your coworkers all sporting wrist braces and grimaces? Does the words “carpal tunnel syndrome” send chills down your wrists? Well, call us ergonomics evangelists, but we don’t think intensive computer use should send you to intensive care! For starters, try switching your mouse to the left side of your keyboard (trust us–you’ll adjust in no time, and your wrists will thank you). Next, alternate between using your mouse and simple keyboard shortcuts to maneuver through your applications. Most program menus list key combinations for common functions. Finally, might we suggest that you pay a visit to our Utilities category and try out a few programs that can help you minimize clicks and keystrokes.

  • Launchboard, for example, allows you to configure your function keys to open applications, URLs, files, and more with just one click.
  • Task Menu is another handy program that allows you to launch items through a menu that is accessible from your system tray:
  • Finally, AIM Keys lets you record sequences of keystrokes and mouse movements for commonly performed tasks and play them back in just a couple of clicks.

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