Question:  Regarding fibromyalgia symptoms there’s an interesting web site by a Dr. Lowe whose research says that most all fibro symptoms are really due to low thyroid. The difficulty is many people score ‘normal’ on the thyroid tests but may still be “sub-clinically’ hypo-thyroid. Some are helped more by combination T3 and T4 therapy instead of Synthroid. My own RSI/fibro symptoms were greatly improved by taking Synthroid and I’m seeing reports on the web that the natural thyroid (T3 & T4) may work better. Anyone else hear of this link with low thyroid?

Answer: It is well known that many people with chronic myofascial pain have low or low normal thyroid levels. Sub-optimal thyroid perpetuates mps. The best medication for most people (in my experience) is Armour thyroid, and not synthroid, as you said-T4 alone is often sub-optimal.

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