Tiger Balm

If I get sore forearms I quite often use Tiger Balm on them. I get much more relief than from other rubs and use it in preference to Ibuprofen ones too. Anyone else care to comment? It comes in white (strong) and red (stronger – but it’ll stain your shirt!). Boots sell it at £5 for a small tub. In Asia you can buy one twice the size for 50p, no joke, if anyone knows a cheaper source in the UK I would like to know. Still the most effective treatment (for me) was a change of pace (and job – earning more than ever – nothing worse than a destructive environment). Slow it down! If your arms feel good, keep it slow, do more thinking than typing. I now only get pain if I type too quickly after near incapacitation. Don’t be afraid of radical changes either. I quit, took 10 months out and travelled, that’s when I found the Balm! Changes your outlook on life (the travelling not the Balm!).

Comment 1: Sounds great, but what did you live on/pay mortgage with etc?!

Comment 2: We sold up and lived off the proceeds. You have got to ask yourself what is more important to you, material accumulation or your well being. The only thing that may have stopped us is having children, even then we met entire families on the move.

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