Time of month

Question: Interestingly, and sorry to get personal, I also find that they react the same way at “that time of the month” where I always have tended to get lower back and upper thigh muscle pains just like when you get flu. Does anyone else find this? (Men – you are excused from answering point 2!)

Answer 1: Yes, definitely. RSI (and any other) symptoms tend to be worse. But wonder if it is partly because I tend to overdo things then and not look after myself properly.

Answer 2: This discussion of the relationship between hormones and RSI is interesting to me. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that moving from being pre-menopausal into fully menopausal has come at the same time as my first real flare up of RSI. Everything feels as if it’s in turmoil just now, so maybe the RSI symptoms are an aspect of that? And computer use that’s never caused real problems before now does cause problems for that reason?

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