Time scale and Occupational Health

My GP has said there is no Occupational Health Department in York so I’ve had no luck on that score. Unfortunately the University has shown little interest and my union is taking things up. Unfortunately I’m finding them as bureaucratic as all the other departments I’ve dealt with! But the sun always smiles!

Comment 1: Ah, I thought every university had an occupational health dept. Good luck with it all.

Comment 2: When people speak of an “Occupational Health Department”, they’re usually referring to an employer’s occupational health department. The fact that you mention your GP (who wouldn’t be likely to know whether York University had an Occupational Health Department or not) makes me wonder if you mean the HSE or the local authority environmental health dept? There should be a branch of the HSE with responsibility for York Uni, whether it’s an HSE office located in York or somewhere else. LA Environmental Health departments don’t have responsibility for universities — it’s the HSE. But as far as Occupational Health goes — I thought every university had one.

Even if they don’t have an OH Dept as such, surely they are legally obliged to appoint some qualified person(s) to deal with the matters that OH would normally deal with. Workstation assessments, for instance. OH also would normally deal with new employees’ medical exams – did you have one when you were taken on? If so, try getting in touch with whoever did the exam and ask them who should be dealing with your problem.

Comment 3: Yet again, York University is probably lagging behind the rest! They normally use one of the University Health Centre Doctors for medical exams. The problem is that they are also my own GP and the University decided not to do this! As far as I am aware there is no Occupational Health Department at the University (and the Health Centre does not perform this role). My GP said that the City itself does not have an Occupational Health Department for me to be referred to. The HSE for York University is Leeds – unfortunately, despite the University sending the correct forms off I’ve heard nothing from the HSE. This makes me wonder what details were actually sent! The whole thing is a complete mess – the University admin has not showed any concerns, but come to think of it neither has the local AUT – I think I’ll go and pester them again! The sun no longer shines in York – the rain now falls! But there is always hope that the washing may dry this evening!!!!

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