Ting and Recovery

Question: I’ve been for some time a passive member of this list. Now that I start to be more in control of my RSI situation, I thought of sending two questions to learn about the opinions of other list members.
1) First one is just to give us all hope, or at least to be objective and to know what sort of monster we are dealing with. So the question is, does anybody know of anyone who once got into this nightmare, actually managed to get out of it? I don’t mean to be able to manage pain properly (as I do now) but rather to be able to forget completely about the problem. For most of us, I’m afraid that this is not the case, but it would be nice to know that this thing doesn’t imply by necessity a downward trajectory.

2) The second one is a bit more practical question. A friend suggested me to use braces to hold the wrist straight during the whole night, so to let the tissues heal faster (apparently they don’t heal as fast when the tissue is bending). Does anybody have any experience with this?

Answer: Yes. I have come across or heard (reliably) of people who got better. They were people who had managed to get a long time off work; or had immediate very specialist treatment; or have operations. (But operations for this don’t always work; and I heard that people who stay better after them tend to be people who can get their jobs adjusted or work done for them, or both. It may be more encouraging for you if I tell you that while I did get worse after returning to work, and stayed worse, and now and again get worrying new types of pain in my right hand, basically my condition is stable. Rest and massage always help, and cool water. I’m not going “downwards”. Admittedly I’m only not going downwards because I don’t try to do everything I did before, by any means.

Some people have actually managed to fend off RSI by wearing splints in time. They weren’t suggested to me until 9 months after I got RSI. I wear them during the day, though not all day. They have lessened the pain greatly: before I got them I was in terrible pain at the end of every working day and had to drug myself up with painkillers even to be able to get *some* sleep. I may wear softer ones at night. They stop you bending your wrists, and so worsening the problem; and the more curved ones hold your hands and wrists in the “healing” or “recovery” position.

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