One of the unhelpful/unrealistic pieces of advice I was given at the start of this whole thing was ‘rest your hands completely’…. ‘completely’??? Only if one has a personal maid, a housekeeper a chauffeur, etc etc over the last 3 or 4 years a more moderate regime than ‘complete rest’ has led to s-l-o-w improvement – but I still have to be very careful, pace myself, etc. for the last two weeks. I’ve had the ‘flu. I’ve done no driving, no housework, no cooking, no writing… not even getting dressed. I have still cleaned my teeth (!), but not a lot else that really uses hands/arms much. And my hands are really good! It almost seems a shame to get better and return to ‘normal’ life. It makes me realise what might be possible if I really could rest completely for an extended period – say, two months rather than two weeks.

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