Tip for protecting your finger from your mouse

I thought I would pass on a tip for protecting your index finger from your mouse: If you find that your index finger hurts from repetitive clicking, and then why not reverse the way your mouse works so that the buttons use the opposite fingers. It takes me about half an hour to acclimatize to this change but I find it very useful. I change this if my index finger hurts or more regularly if I know I am about to do intensive mouse work.
To reverse your mouse buttons:

  1. Go into “Control Panel” (in the “Settings” section in Windows 95, in the “Accessories” section of “old” Windows).
  2. Choose the mouse option.
  3. Change the mouse configuration (from left to right handed or vice versa).
  4. Press OK and start learning to press the opposite button (the first few clicks are the worst!)

Comment: Alternatively, if you are right handed, try using your middle finger on the left button and your ring finger on the right button.

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