TMJ Dysfunction & RSI?

I have had RSI for a number of years and it wasn’t until I saw a physio who specialised in Alexander that the jaw bone/bite subject arose. I was born with my bottom jaw overlapping the top part and had to have it slowly pushed back. This apparently could have caused jawbone problems which then linked to my neck, which has always been the most persistent part of my RSI pains. Alexander, Pilates and physiotherapy eased the situation. There is a dentist in Croydon (lost his number) who has come to the same conclusions on this subject via his own route and I gather that dentists in the US are aware of the links between jaws and necks, shoulders etc. The jawbone is really linked to the ankle bone!

Comment 1: Is it possible to describe which is the masseter muscle? (I know where the others are). I have noticed that when I get neck tension it is linked to muscles in my face, and tends to bring on sinus pain too. When I visit my physio for neck and arm manipulation my sinuses pop!

Comment 2: Do you have a copy of “Pain Erasure” by Bonnie Prudden? There are charts of the muscles; the masseter muscle is shown in Plate 15. Sorry, but I don’t know how to describe it without being confusing. If you don’t have the Prudden book, maybe you could go to the library or a bookshop and have a look at an anatomy textbook. I also have problems with TMJ; at least I guess that’s what it is. When I moved to this area and started looking for a dentist, I went to the library and studied the dentists’ register. It includes brief comments about what the various practitioners specialise in. People may be able to find out in that way, whether there is anyone in their area who knows about TMJ.

Comment 3: The masseter muscle is the main one used to close your jaw and munch food etc. so it is pretty big. It runs from the back corner of your cheek bone down to your jaw in a diagonal direction towards the back corner of the jaw. (You can see why doctors use a lot of jargon to describe anatomy!) The muscle is about 5cm wide.


TMJ Dysfunction & RSI? — 1 Comment

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