After suffering with RSI for 13 years, I have now been told that I have Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Question: After suffering with RSI for 13 years, I have now been told that I have:   Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome affecting both upper limbs, left worse  than right   Treatment : apart from the use of Analgesia and TENS machine no specific  therapies are likely to be beneficial. I have not been able to find an info on this syndrome and what affect it  would have on my compensation.

Answer 1: Treatment: Trigger point therapy. Do the stretches for the relevant muscles. Also do the ANT/AMT stretches as ANT/AMT and trigger points are interdependent.

Answer 2: This is a rarely diagnosed problem and there are ways to manage it. I was diagnosed with it as well and have managed. Quick tips and it is overwhelming at first. You will have to change your life accordingly and it will take time.


1. Massage. Smooth out the knots out once a week. Don’t forget the Pec.
muscles which are also tight.
2. Stretch daily, twice a day. Yoga is excellent. Hellerwork. Exercises in a
book called “Repetitive Strain Injury” by Emil Pascarelli.
3. Breathe and expand your stomach/abdomen. Try breathing less from the upper
chest. Learn to breathe better and lessen the strain on your upper body.
4. Meditation at least 15 minutes a day.
5. Ice 10 minutes, heat 5, ice 5 (moist heat if possible). End in Ice.
6. Strengthen shoulders/exercise daily.
7. Flexeril is recommended and it is a terrible recommendation. There has to
be a better way! I’ve tried many medicines.
8. Currently trying FLAXSEED OIL (Essential Fatty Acids) treatment.
Inexpensive and natural.
9. Don’t Panic!!!!

Answer 3: I haven’t heard that exact terminology, but it sounds exactly what i have. Pain management programmes based on stretching exercises and education about pain control systems and their malfunction exist in England and have helped me hugely. You should maybe look at the book by Sharon Butler ‘ Conquering Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries’ which is based about facial disorder and is full of self help exercises I gave it to a student of mine who has completely got rid of the symptoms by following the exercises, so long as she keeps on doing them. Garbled, sorry!

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