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Question: All this talk about Wales, make me feel nostalgic. We spent most of our Easters in Wales, and yes, it was nearly always raining, and hence my dislike for playing cards, but not for Wales. We always played cards when it rained, but when it brightened up it was lovely and fresh. As we dug out from 25cm snow yesterday, here in Newfoundland, I thought how nice it would to be in even, Wet Wales. Pennard, or Mumbles, or Oystermouth … and talking to my mother yesterday (a Jones from Swansea) she said the weather was great where she was and springy – but then she is not in Wales now … I told her to bring her snow boots when she comes here in May.

Answer 1: OOOOOOO be very careful about what you say on the net. I made a few comments about my home (Cardiff & Wales) where my family has lived for a ‘few’ hundred years – only to be attacked by an extreme branch of the ‘Taffia’ – They were all Welsh speaking Americans! Be careful they might invade Newfoundland! <smile> We have noticed the rain & will even admit (in total secrecy, amongst ourselves) that England play rugby ‘quite well’. The wet plays hell with the RSI. Is ‘dry cold’ as bad? The doctors are bad with a few exceptions. As far as RSI is concerned look at the position in London 10 to 15 years ago and you’ve got South Wales! It is that bad! My father spent his summers on the Gower as a child and insists that it hardly ever rained.

Answer 2:  I saw you were all being horrible about Wales!! Dry cold is really very good indeed for RSI, it zaps the inflammation. Rain is OK for mine, too. Mine doesn’t like hot or even too-warm summers (good thing I’m moving to Wales!) The doctors I’ll probably register with — at first, anyway — seem fine to me, but I haven’t needed to ask them about RSI. I’ll be moving with an RSI diagnosis on my records so we’ll see… I spent a lot of time on the Gower — I don’t remember rain either. Maybe that’s just nostalgia, maybe the Gower is simply so lovely — and it is, it is — nobody notices rain.

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