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Question: I have had problems with my neck and right arm for over 5 years. It’s only been the last two years that I eventually diagnosed as having trapped thoracic nerve. It has been particularly bad in the last five months, the worst persistent toothache pain I have ever had. At the moment the muscles between my neck and shoulder are so tender I can bear anything touching it. My arm is numb and feels like lead, I can hardly use it (typing with one hand). Last month I started physiotherapy, but because I have been in real bad pain, he hasn’t been able to do much. He’s got me doing stretching exercises after using a heat pad, and neck strengthening. Neck pain has improved; the pain is now under the shoulder blade. I’ll also be seeing a chiropractor next Tuesday (not tried this before). Has anyone out there got any suggestions on pain relief? At the moment I’m taking Co-dydramol and Diclofenac EC, both of which don’t agree with me, also taking Amitriptyline so that I can sleep. I’m also using a TENS machine, which helps for very short periods. I’m just about coping at work, but not sure how long I can keep that up for.

Answer: I suggest you try out myotherapy, I bought a book from Amazon called Bonnie Prudens guide to pain free living and that has helped me around my back and shoulders, it’s something which you can do on yourself so you get a lot more time at treatment. By the way how come it took so long for your diagnosis?

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