Touch pads

Question: I am considering buying a touch pad to replace the mouse for my computer. I use a voice interface for most things, but still “cheat” with the mouse which isn’t helping the RSI. Does anyone have any experience with touch pads? The VersaPad looks good but I haven’t found a UK stockist yet.

Answer 1: I’ve used earlier versions of them and liked the Cirque/Alps GlidePoint technology, but know little of the VersaPad beyond what they show on their website. I have heard a mixture of people that loved and hated them, so it comes down to personal preference.

Answer 2: After using one on a laptop, and rather liking it, I tried a Glidepoint as a replacement for my Sensa mouse. Within two days the knuckle problem which went away with the mouse was back with a vengeance. I guess that compared to some other pointing devices they work pretty well on a laptop, but for my desk system it was a disaster.

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