Traffic and email with voice recognition

I have recently subscribed to this list and have been following the debate about its function with interest. I agree that we need support, companionship and information, but I am finding the amount of traffic on the list a little unmanageable and am thinking of un-subscribing, which would be a pity. I have been subscribing for rather longer to the Sorehand list, as, I imagine, many of the RSI-UK list do. Sorehand has a strong North American bias which is interesting but sometimes of limited practical use, and I was pleased to find something UK-based instead.

However, sorehand does have one very nice feature, namely the ability to receive messages in ‘digest’ mode, meaning that one only gets one ‘large envelope’ a day. Would it be possible to set up something like this for RSI-UK? I have fairly recently returned to work after seven months absence with RSI; I am struggling somewhat with voice recognition software, and it tends to get screwed up by too many ‘incoming mail’ messages! If a digest system cannot be set up at list level, is there anything I can do at this end? Any advice would be welcomed.

Comment: I found it much easier to work with E-mail after setting up a few voice macros for common operations: (“new message”, “delete message”, “reply”, “reply to all”, “forward message” seemed to cover most things). After that it can be quite quick to move through your in-box and read/delete messages. In some respects I find this easier than working with long messages in digest where I have to scroll down through the lot in case I miss useful information. If you let me know the email program you are using and the voice program I may be able to give some pointers.

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