Transfer to Loud-n-Clear

I’m pleased to announce that thanks to speedy work at Loud-n-Clear, the list has been set up and is now ready to transfer. From now, please address messages intended for the list to rsi-uk@loud-n-clear.comand administrative messages (e.g., unsubscribing) to The standard admin address for internet mailing lists is a –request suffix rather than -admin. I suggest that you, at least, create a rsi-uk-request alias.

Comment 1: Not exactly. The -request suffix is used by majordomo for mailing lists which require subscriptions to be approved by the list owner rather than being handled automatically by the software. To anyone who is familiar with majordomo, calling the admin address RSI-UK-request would imply that subscriptions had to be approved before being implemented, which is not the case. The truth is, as with so many other things, there is no Internet standard. Personally, I don’t see that it’s a problem. Most people who are trying to unsubscribe either get it right, or send it to the list – to which there seems to be no solution.

Comment 2: I believe that’s an optional feature enabled on a per list basis. The use of -request for automated subscriptions etc is very common (certainly more common that -admin). A -request alias would do no harm. Just trying to help.

Comment 3: I agree. I am working on an alias but it needs to be very transparent – I have about 20 established lists here and people seem to have enough trouble as it is with which name to send mail to and which to send commands to. Without going into too much technical detail, what I will need to do is rename all my list managers to <list-name>-request and then set up aliases for the old names. This is likely to be harder than it sounds, please take my word for it. And don’t hold your breath.

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