Treatment for Stress

I have observed that I am more sensitive to stress now. I also worry more. When there is a deadline, my stress levels shoot up even higher than ever before because I know what’s coming with respect to pain and it feels so oppressive.

Comment: Yes. I know what would help, but I don’t know whether you can get it on the NHS where you are — I’m pretty sure I can’t here, but I know how it works anyway – cognitive therapy, which is used to treat depression and panic attacks (and I am pretty sure must be used in pain clinics) would help you. In fact it is more likely to help you than it is people with panic attacks and so on. You need someone who practices it or has had it to explain it properly to you. What it seems to to is intervene in the “expect pain, get pain”, or “expect stress, get stressed” cycle. (In case I’m beginning to sound superior and calm: I’m not! But I have learned to cope with quite a lot. I do get really tired, though.)

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