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Question: Does anyone know of an experienced healer of RSI in the Hemel Hempstead/Berkhamsted or Milton Keynes area? I’ve been experiencing pain in one hand for a while and would like to get it sorted. My GP is about to tell me to go to physio, just wondered if there’s anyone in particular to go to. Are sports injury people any good with RSI ? Meanwhile I’m reduced to typing one handed.

Answer 1: Not quite an answer to your question, but I am currently seeing a physio at St Albans City Hospital. Two visits so far and the next tomorrow. She seems OK and does take the problem seriously – exercises etc so far are very Alexander orientated. Others I know with RSI who live in this area have been referred to St Thomas’ and to St Albans City – don’t know of any private physios locally.

Answer 2: I lived in MK when I was first diagnosed. I didn’t see a ‘healer’ as such but I┬áhad various therapies. My local tips would be:

*I really recommend the Blackberry Clinic, Walnut Tree, MK (01908 604666). It specializes in sports injuries and Work Related Upper Limb Disorders. It is run by a doctor (Dr Petrides) who’s now an osteopath. It offers a variety of therapies under one roof. The approach is quite ‘holistic’. You can be cross referred – if needed – within the clinic, without having to go through the palaver of explaining your problems from the beginning again, because the notes are there. They have osteopaths, sports therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, chiropodists, counselors, homeopaths, hypnotherapists and all kinds. I initially saw an Osteopath (Dr Petrides) for an assessment, and I was then referred to one of their physiotherapists (Jill Richardson). When I needed it I could have a session with one of their other therapists (usually an osteopath). I am now basically 95% fit for most of the time. Jill in particular was fantastic. The appointments are charged at market rate and the opening hours are very convenient.
*Behind the Christ the Cornerstone in CMK there is a Disability Living Foundation which has lots of info about where to get gadgets and gizmos to make domestic tasks easier. They also have samples for the public to try in situ.
*There is a Northampton RSI support group which meets once a month. Anne Allen runs it (01604 769043) and is very kind and supportive.
*Neal Morley is an excellent Alexander Technique teacher. He teaches once a week in Northampton and also Milton Keynes. His number is 01869 347655. (I’ve had three AT teachers and he was by far the best).
* Dr Godagama is an acupuncturist and ayurvedic therapist who works at the Hale Clinic. He lives and treats people in Gifford Park, MK and also the Blackberry Clinic and a place in St Albans. I only had two treatments with him (I was moving at the time) but he seemed knowledgeable and sympathetic.
*The MK hospital pain clinic has a very long waiting list. And once I finally got an appointment (I was almost totally recovered) the services on offer were quite disappointing. A limited run of acupuncture and some spinal injections were about the only things they could offer me.
*The Bletchley college is always needing ‘bodies’ for its therapy and beauty courses. I had a free course of aromatherapy and reflexology from one of the students there. They used my WRULD for their assessed project. They are obviously not as experienced as a professional but they are very closely supervised. I found the experience beneficial emotionally, if not particularly helpful for my physical symptoms.
*Christ the Cornerstone, the ecumenical church opposite M&S, used to have regular healing services. Very comfortable. Nothing heavy and, er, histrionic. I don’t know whether these are still going on.
*I did go to a Reiki healer in London for a bit. It helped with the stress of the symptoms and situation, but not really with the RSI symptoms and pains themselves. The lady sometimes combined it with acupuncture and that worked really well. Hope this is helpful.

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