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Question: Can anybody help. From what I have read on the web etc., it seems as though most people who have RSI type problems do a lot of typing. Is this true? If that is the case, then I must be the odd-one-out.

I have been labeled, by my GPs (there have been many!), as having tenosynovitis in both my wrists. I don’t like this label, as whenever I discuss my problem with a GP, they automatically assume I do more typing then I say I do, and I don’t.

Please can somebody help me to get treatment on the NHS, as I don’t have private health cover since when I developed the problem I was unemployed. I did have one private session with a physio, and she said I could be treated. But my GPs always say they cannot help me.

Answer: I developed RSI in March from repetitive use of the mouse which caused tendinitis and not from typing.I understand that you are based in the US and I’m not familiar with treatments over there but my doctor has been extremely sympathetic which I believe is extremely important.

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