At the end of last year I found a job that seemed to suit my skills and experience and was RSI friendly. The company I’d applied to be fine with this, and sent me to see their company doctor who signed me off as OK to work 10% of my time on a computer. They bought me Dragon and other ergonomic PC hardware and everything and said they had no problem with my RSI. Sounds too good to be true? It was.

In reality when I started the job, I discovered that the job I had applied for didn’t actually exist, and instead they expected me to do 50-60 hour weeks of solid PC work. Needless to say I raised the issue asap and warned that not sustainable for someone with my condition. Within weeks my RSI had got really bad and I ended up taking time off sick. Finally the company fired me as I was physically unable to do the job. Hence the tribunal application. Will let you know how I get on and if anyone else has had a similar experience, please let me know how you got on either on or off list. Many thanks.

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