Trigger Points – how to release them?

Question: What (and which type of practitioner) is the best way to release trigger points? I’ve read Bonnie Pruddens book which describes compressing the trigger points and have done some DIY release myself. However my arms suffer if I do too much and as a lot of my problem is in the neck area I’m hesitant to use ‘wooden implements’ in this area. Doug said “Although the physio I have seen in the past knows about trigger points she was reluctant to check me out for them” and I’ve found the same with my physio. I read the suggestion of phoning and asking about knowledge of the Travell and Simon’s book. Is the most successful method of release the ‘Ischemic Compression’ and is it best to try and find a physio or osteo or chiropractor with such knowledge/skills? I would appreciate any advice on the above.

Answer: ‘Ischemic Compression’ is probably the only way of trigger point release you will get. You should also be taught a stretch to prevent the trigger point from coming back. Trigger points in the neck/shoulder region are probably due to poor posture (you don’t say!), especially sticking your chin forward. The best long term cure for this is probably the Alexander Technique. Who to go to get your trigger points released? – I don’t know, I would go to whoever treats the other problems that you have alongside your trigger points.

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