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Many thanks to all those who offered advice on voice recognition software (a couple of weeks ago). I have taken the plunge, bought the new more powerful computer and the Dragon NaturallySpeaking v4 Standard software. Although it is early days I am extremely impressed and can see that it will be very useful. One further small query — has anyone used it successfully with Turnpike software i.e. it is fine for dictating within Turnpike but does not seem to recognise my commands when reading through newsgroups and lists of e-mails.

Comment 1: I think it would be worth asking this question in the newsgroup.

Comment 2: Which commands? You should be able to control the Turnpike menu by voice — it sounds as though you can — if you’re having correction command problems,

  1. It is possible to enable them in programs that aren’t listed as supported.
  2. There’s also a way of telling in advance if that will work; I don’t understand the test myself, but I can ask people who do.
  3. If it is that, the way to enable them is given on Joel Gould’s web page (Joel is Dragon’s Software Development Director, this page is unofficial)

Someone here recommended the voice-users list for queries. There are some really good people on it, but I recommend VoiceGroup as that has 400 members and more collective expertise. I belong to both but I post queries to VoiceGroup. Jonathan Epstein, who is a programmer and knows the programming links, is in voice-users, but most of the programmers etc. seem to be on VoiceGroup. Eric, who runs Voice-Coders, is. I don’t want to see voice-users collapse, so I used to cross-post everything, but that’s become a bit too much like hard work!

I’ve realised you’ll get a quicker reply to your queries on programming by posting direct to voice-users (www.voicerecognition.net) and VoiceGroup than waiting for me! I am a bit rushed right now. *Foot-pedal*: I’ll look that up if you want me to but you don’t need one — I should have realised that right away — the programs will move the mouse. Or you can move it with the flat of your palm and click by voice. I’ll look up the URLs anyway, I just can’t do it all that quickly.

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