Surprise, surprise your working life sounds like what my trade was like. I have disc problems with lifting along with two operations on my elbows, hands and shoulders problems and was told from my bosses it was my age – at the time I was only 44, I had cortisone injections in my elbows, shoulder, short term relief only. Still expected to do the same job lifting moving heavy weights on my own up to 200kgs(nearly 500lbs) on casters on carpets.

Took some effort to get behind TVs for repairing. Asked like you for lifting aids told there was nothing yes I feel bitter and cheated working nearly 20 years in the same job doing my best then when I was off ill for long term sick given a Xmas card with my redundancy notice from my boss merry Xmas to you! That only made me feel worse. Only by accident months later I found out the real truth and thousands of engineers have the same problems and companies knew the risks they put us through. I might be able to help you if you could possibly answer a couple of questions and you do not have to go down the same lonely path as I did to be on long term sick and D.L.A.

  1. If possible what trade you where in?
  2. Were you trained or advised in Manual handling or HSE?
  3. Were you ever told about the risk involved with your job or assessed?
  4. Were you ever told to put your accidents in the accident book?
  5. Was it a large company?
  6. Were you in a union?
  7. Did anyone else have similar problems?

Do not be left like me from the T.V trade and many others. This is printed by a friend who is acting as my mediator.

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