Typing or voicing?

Even though I read the list regularly, I find it hard to contribute much as typing is so painful and voice-recognition work is so exhausting. I’m very intrigued to know if other people contributing to the list are mainly typing or “voicing”. Do people think it’s ironic that the best support and advice about RSI is only accessible via using the computer? Does anyone think they’ve made themselves worse at any point by using the computer to access information and support about RSI? I certainly did when I first got it and was desperate for info & contact with other sufferers. I definitely think that web/email help has been and continues to be invaluable.

Comment 1: I feel the same way. If I know I’m going to say something lengthy I’ll get the voice-recognition out, but otherwise it’s easier (like now) to type slowly, and ignore the finer points of punctuation. I find Dragon Dictate can be a complete pain, and I can spend ages trying to get it to recognise a word, which makes me tense, and also, as you say, exhausts the throat.  Accessing the PC can certainly make it worse. I ration myself. Sadly the times when I might most be in need of communicating with similar folk, I am not in a fit state to stay on long.

Comment 2: I try to type by voice as often as possible. That is one of my major reasons for ensuring that I have the highest spec machine with the most RAM I can afford. This helps to relieve me of the worry that my machine will crash at any moment if I suddenly have to use voice recognition. Although I try to avoid having many things running at the same time, it is best to be able to turn the microphone on without worrying about closing all other programmes and restarting Windows first. This is, of course, mainly at work where my machine can be “online” throughout the day. Nevertheless, because I’ve got the memory at home as well I am able to have NaturallySpeaking on at startup. This saves me lots of painful decision-making. If I don’t do it this way I have a tendency to type by hand, in the way two of you have described.

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