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Question: I have recently been diagnosed with RSI in my hands. I have taken a number of drastic measures including cutting my touch typing considerably and hiring a Maltron ergonomic keyboard. I am now faced with a question that I don’t know the answer to as follows:
Should I:
A touch type using QWERTY
B touch type using MALTRON
C stop touch typing and revert to “hunt & peck”
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Answer: If you are going to touch type use the MALTRON layout. If you chose option C you won’t be able to use the MALTRON due to the shape of the keyboard and you may just shift the problem up your forearms, which is what happened to me. You don’t say how bad your hands are. If they are painful all the time I would avoid doing any typing at all. Be cautious using the MALTRON (or any other keyboard) as I know of people who have improved, so they no longer had pain using the MALTRON then got worse so they had to stop typing altogether. Probably a case of over doing it! However other people find the MALTRON causes no problems. Take a lot of breaks whatever you decide to do and do stretches for your arms and shoulders to stop the problem spreading to them. Have you considered voice recognition software?

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