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Question: There was a brief item on Today this morning heralding a new study from UCL (I think he said), which apparently “shows that RSI really does exist.” I gather it’s embargoed until 11am, so there was no real information given in this mini-report I heard. Does anyone know of this study, or know anyone who has participated in the research?

Answer 1: There was also a report on radio five and the main focus seemed to be that they were heralding a new definitive test (something to do with nerves) which will then open the floodgates of litigation. They referred to malingerer sufferers and the fact that this proof will confirm that they have been inaccurately labeled. Also psychological factors of work stress were mentioned in the context of possible non-existence of RSI. I will be interested to know what happens at 11!

Answer 2: Over lunch I looked at the Ceefax news and saw a short report which claims that this research shows nerve damage to typists before they show actual symptoms of RSI. If this is confirmed it should finally shoot the “it’s all in the mind” and “malingerer” stances right out of the window. Better still, it may be possible to put preventive measures in place which actually work (which many of you will be aware is a possibility close to my heart as a Safety Officer).

Answer 3: The BBC has a good link concerning this matter.  the web address is :- http://www.news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/sci/tech/newsid_55000/55350.stm  I haven’t really had a chance to read through properly but it looks very factual.

Answer 4: The RSI Association Newsletter of Dec 1997 recounts this, or a similar study refuting the idea that RSI is all in the mind – having found some level of neurological affects. The article is referenced as a reproduction of an article by Sean Feeney that was originally published in Journalist Oct/Nov 1997.  Being closer to the RSI Association – I assume you can scare up a copy if you don’t have it already.

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