Should UK Users Get Naturally Speaking and WordPerfect 9/Corel Office 2000?

Question:  There’s been discussion of this on the Dragon Web Forum; I thought I’d bring it to these lists as it affects UK members in particular –though not only us — and I have been unable to get a full reply re the UK from Dragon there. (I did though get the names of the 2 people at Dragon UK to approach about this, and have cc’d them here).

First, for US users: Dragon’s Natural Word for WP9 is not yet ready. When it is, you’ll be able to download it free from Dragon’s Web Page. You can then use NaturallySpeaking with versions of Corel WP9 etc. that are not voice-enabled. If you do buy one of the voice-enabled versions you’ll find a Natural Word in a subdirectory of the CD. I don’t know the difference between that Natural Word and the one to be posted on the site.See also the para.beginning “FYI” below.

***UK USERS*** the Natural Word to be posted is for US versions of WP9; it will not work with UK versions. Dragon Tech. gave me the reason for this but I have been unable to find out whether they will be writing a Natural Word for WP9 for UK versions of the Corel programs. As you will know, the UK versions of Corel WP9 etc., i.e. the “International English versions, come with Phillips FreeSpeech 2000. So our CDs will not include a Natural Word in a subdirectory, and we are dependent on a Natural Word from Dragon, but — see above — don’t know if they are writing one.

FYI we *may* like a US user who has tried this, be able to use our current NaturallySpeaking programs with WP9, including the currently Natural Word for WP8, *to an extent*. But as he is using US versions of the programs, we may not. WORD 2000 UK: there *will* be a Natural Word for this, downloadable from Dragon’s Web Page: I have no further details. BestMatch III — this is the fully-optimized-for-PIIIs version of BestMatch, there are now 2 versions, one BMII, one BMIII, of certain versions of NS — will not be available in the UK. I have asked whether this means that NS4 will not, either. A reply from Dragon Tech. to another poster seemed to suggest it might be. That reply also said that such decisions were taken by Dragon UK.


1) Should we buy the US version of Corel WP9, Office 2000, etc., and work with the included software or Dragon’s Natural Word for WP9 US, rather than get the UK one, and hope Dragon produces a Natural Word for it?

 2) (This is a “money problem” one): if we need to upgrade our PII 266s, do we get a fast PII on the assumption that Dragon isn’t going to provide UK software that needs a PIII? Do we buy a PIII as prices fall, and take the risk that Dragon then produces a NS4 that needs a better, second generation PIII, and is available in the UK?

3) Of course we could just sit tight — choosing machines for other reasons, so long as they work OK with our current programs,

4) But I heard WP9 was a lot better than WP8 for style sheets and so for books etc..**** Has anyone got any ideas?

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