Urgent RSI specialists/GP’s/Physio’s etc.

Question: I urgently require details of upper limb disorder specialists or GP’s (private or NHS) that have knowledge of the condition and know the route to recovery (i.e. open to Alexander Technique, Pilates, Sports Therapy etc.). London and the south ideally, but am open to any suggestions – even abroad! Usual story: I have been suffering from RSI for a few years which has affected neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, upper back etc. I have been on this list for couple of years and remember some mention of a couple of specialists…please remind us of them and any others!

Answer : Yeah, well, wouldn’t we all. I’d have thought after a couple of years you’d have realized by now how useless the medical professionals are. I have seen a couple specialist privately (recommended by this list) in London. Wish I’d saved the money it cost instead. If any of them know the route to recovery they’re keeping it to themselves. I’m not sure any of them know any more than the people on this list and most of them know a hell of a lot less. Just because someone calls them self a specialist and charges a load of dose for their time doesn’t mean they have any answers.

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